Tickets available for SAPPHO FRAGMENTS!

Marisa News

Reserve your tickets for this SAPPHO FRAGMENTS ***presented as part of Heartbeat Opera’s Collaboret (Cabaret, Lab, Collaborate) on May 24th at 7pm!!



A hybrid of collaboration, lab, and cabaret, COLLABORET presents an evening of eclectic music-theater which draws from Heartbeat Opera’s ever widening community of artists and expands the definition of opera. This year’s COLLABORET includes the Sara Serpa Trio, Ryan Drickey and Kristin Gornstein’s musical improvisations from the audience’s own words, and a first exploration of Marisa Michelson’s Sappho Fragments, a music-theatre piece based on Sappho’s poetry.


//Sappho’s poetry crackles with life: each word (as translated by Anne Carson) is a potent universe evoking layers of meaning, each phrase is a journey into a passionate pulsing heart, each poem shrinks the millennia, transcends time, and reveals the universality of a human soul that is like all of ours. //

Movement Direction by Emma Crane Jaster
Joined by Constellation Chor, an ensemble of accomplished singer-mover-actor performers including: Chad Goodridge, Jen Anaya, Shawn Shafner, Tamrin Goldberg, Kinga Cserjesi, Sara Serpa, Nick Vaughan, Jason Tam, Peter Musante, Luisa Muhr, Kalli Siamidou, Marina Pires, Ako