Tamar of the River is fascinating, remarkable, adventurous…

Marisa News

“Tamar had several major assets, starting with the music by Michelson.  Michelson’s music is hard to describe; otherworldly, perhaps?…It is the chanting that makes Michelson’s work so striking; in many places, she uses her 12-person chorus as if they were musical instruments, complementing her five-piece band…These voices are used in the manner of strings or horns, mostly; Michelson occasionally has them sing in tones that waver above and below pitch, making things sound off-kilter. This sort of thing, elsewhere, has been known to drive my ears away; in this case, it drew me into the score — a recording of which has, most fortunately, just been released by Yellow Sound…Yes, it is different, and unlike what musical theatre audiences are accustomed to — but that only adds to the excitement…”  – Steven Suskin, Playbill
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