“Experiments in Form” Constellation Chor

Marisa News

You are invited to the next “showing” of Constellation Chor’s work on December 14th from 5 -6 pm at the Alchemical Theatre on 14th and 6th.  
I love journeying into new territory, trying to get in touch with and honor the images I see and aural landscape I hear and then transforming that into something visible.  Constellation Chor is my space for that.  It’s also a space to work with people whose spirits I am moved by and whose artist-selves I feel deeply, and where we co-create together in the moment based on principles I work with aesthetically and musically.
For now, calling this “Experiments in Form”.  Email crowdedoutletnyc@gmail.com  to reserve your donation-based spot.
Join us for 4 presentations December 11th-14th @ Alchemical Studios
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Join us for GENERATOR 2017

December 11th – 14th

At the end of last year, we decided to further develop four of the projects that came through our SURGE series and GENERATOR 2017 was born.

Now, we are inviting our community to hear these works-in-progress and participate in the next stage of their development. We hope you will join us to support these incredible artists as they bravely present these pieces for the first time…

December 14th at 5pm
Marisa Michelson & Constellation Chor share a piece they have been developing over the course of the year.
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