Why sing with me?


My perspective is grounded in the Szamosi® path (http://www.liberocanto.org).  I have studied singing and singing pedagogy on this path for fifteen years, and have been teaching for ten years.  I have experience with hundreds of singers of all ages and all levels. I have worked consistently, beautifully and successfully with people who sing all genres of music including musical theatre, opera, kirtan, rock, pop, folk, etc. and and my unique one-of-kind specialty is in helping musical theatre singers find more freedom, spontaneity, truthfulness, joy, ease and emotional connection in their singing.  I’ve taught vocal workshops at the American Theatre Wing, The Performing Arts Project (TPAP), Millikin University, Prospect Theatre Company, and Signature Theatre. I was the co-teacher/creator of “Orientation Towards an Inner Voice” for the Free Colombia School in Hudson, NY: singing and improv workshops designed to uncover a rich and genuine relationship between singing, body, and Being.

B.F.A from NYU (Tisch).  Competitive classical piano for 15 years.  I won a grant to study Indian Hindustani singing in India, I studied classical voice at Tanglewood. I have professional experience as a performer, composer, and yoga teacher. I fell in love with the Szamosi/Libero Canto path because it is the most freeing, healthy, and meaningful way of working with the voice that I’ve personally come across. And I want to share that with others.

I will help you sing with more spontaneity and authenticity. Developing and maintaining vocal health is of utmost importance. This goes hand in hand with psycho-emotional-physical-spiritual health in general. These lessons are not genre specific, and are beneficial for singers at any level. I have worked with experienced professionals and those who have never sung in public. My specialty is singing from the heart (though I work primarily with musical theater performers, singers, and actors).

The path towards artistry is ALWAYS a creative one, so lessons are finely tuned in to your individual story and constellation. The process for you is one of intensive self-discovery and inner work.

I am passionate about TEACHING. This is not something I do on the side to supplement my work as a composer. This IS my creative work. I believe strongly that pedagogy is an art form in and of itself, one that needs special attention. Singing well is different from teaching singing well, which takes its own skills and gifts similar to but different from singing in itself. I’ve trained for many years with the Szamosi school in how to teach singing.

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“I feel my voice has been liberated! And I have never felt more confident.” -Margo Seibert (Broadway’s ROCKY, IN TRANSIT)

“My singing now possesses an ease that I had long admired in other musicians, and never dreamed I could achieve.” - Ethan Paulini (Actor, Director, Coach)

“I’ve studied with several highly recommended voice teachers in New York City, but none have transformed my voice the way Marisa has. She’s intuitive, hand-on, holistically minded, and I couldn’t recommend her more.” Kevin Munhall (Broadway’s Allegiance, Anything Goes)