A few testimonials…


“With Marisa by my side, I have watched and listened to my voice unfold over the last few years. Together we have revealed its subtleties, challenging what I had previously assumed about placement, and voice type. I feel my voice has been liberated! And I have never felt more confident.” - Margo Seibert (Broadway’s ROCKY, currently in IN TRANSIT, artistic, creative soul and collaborator!)

“I’ve studied with several highly recommended voice teachers in New York City, but none have transformed my voice the way Marisa has.  In a short amount of time, she has inhibited several decades-old bad habits and consequently transformed the way I breathe and produce sound.  Her lessons are process, not product oriented, and as a result my voice has flourished for the first time in my life.  She’s intuitive, hand-on, holistically minded, and I couldn’t recommend her more.” – Kevin Munhall (Broadway’s ALLEGIANCE, ANYTHING GOES)

“Marisa located the tension and mis-connections within my body and vocal habits. This discovery is causing a fundamental shift in the way that I sing. Free, easy, just “be.” – Kenny Metzger (Musical Theatre Performer)

“Since studying with Marisa I have begun to feel that I am not just a singer but also a musician.  I regularly, when learning a new song now, count it out at different tempos, try new time signatures, or think about smaller sections (2-3 notes) at a time. It’s a very holistic approach to a song that makes me feel much more connected to and knowledgeable about the music.” – Shawn Shafner (The POOP Project, Educator, Activist, Interdisciplinary Creator/Performer)

“Marisa has helped me tremendously in releasing a lot of the tension that I carry in my jaw and neck. She uses bodywork to literally melt the tension away, in addition to using vocalizing techniques that help me to detach myself from the outcome of the sound. Marisa creates a safe environment where I can make mistakes and feel silly without feeling foolish!- Jessica Grove (Multiple Broadway credits, beautiful mom and human)

“Voice work with Marisa is transformational.  I recommend Marisa Michelson for anyone interested in reclaiming their voice and their body as a vessel of beauty, breath and spirit. Muscles locked in fear for decades open to Marisa’s ridiculously effective exercises. My singing has improved in leaps and bounds and the process is liberating. Marisa is a gifted midwife of the human spirit.” – Shoshana Jedwab (Singer of Jewish and Spiritual Music, Percussionist, Jewish Educator)

I started to sing when I was 18 years old. Most of my voice teachers too, advised me to DO instead of dispose my body towards singing. When I began lessons with Marisa, I suddenly understood I had never held communication with my body before. This new mindset gave a big impulse to my daily practice, my singing and my musicianship, and I look forward to exploring all the possibilities that my instrument has to offer. – Anahi Chicaiza (Jazz Singer, Berklee School of Music)

“Studying with Marisa has completely revolutionized my approach to singing. Music no longer comes from my throat or mouth, it comes from my whole body. This body/voice connection has given me a level of confidence in singing that I didn’t realize was possible. My singing is stronger, efficient, and more rewarding. My singing now possesses an ease that I had long admired in other musicians, and never dreamed I could achieve.” – Ethan Paulini (Award-Winning Director, Actor, Singer, Acting Coach)

“Marisa has, in my opinion, been the only teacher I’ve ever had that has given me the freedom to sing the way my body wants to sing. Each student is valuable to Marisa and I’ve even heard her refer to each lesson as a unique lifetime.  As a student, you can feel that care and compassion and know that you are uniquely being cared for and tended to. I would recommend Marisa as a teacher to anyone who wants to learn how to enjoy singing — either again or for the first time.” - Tripp Pettigrew