Hotel Sarajevo

DSC03780Book, Music, Lyrics by Marisa Michelson
Additional material by Stephanie Johnstone

Loosely inspired by Jack Kersch’s novel of the same name. As seen through the eyes of 14-year old Alma, HOTEL SARAJEVO is the story of nine young people struggling to survive in an abandoned hotel during the recent siege on Sarajevo. Their story is told by Alma who confronts her own mortality as she explores what it means to become a woman in a war-torn city.Ý HOTEL SARAJEVO has been read and work-shopped in NYC’s hotInk Festival (where it was directed by Rebecca Holderness), at CAP 21’s Barbara Woolf Reading Series, and at Smith College.

Composer Demo May 2005
Recording Engineered by Frank Terry

Vocals: Marisa Michelson
Piano: Ron Hackel
Percussion: Charlie Zeleny

The Fight
Vocals: Raphael Sacks, Patrick Murney, Andrew Elsesser, Stephanie Johnstone, Marisa Michelson

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